Multi-Dimensional Wellness - Understanding It's Role In Our Lives


Whether we like it or not, admit it or not, our subconscious patterns, emotions, conscious beliefs and the way that we think and perceive ourselves and everyone and everything situation around us affect our health, both physical and non-physical, as well as our relationships with ourselves and others. They affect our lifestyles, and current life conditions. Science has proven what ancient cultures already knew...that the mind can control and affect our physical reality and our physical habits. behaviors and patterns affect our mind. We can no longer approach our "health" without taking into consideration ALL aspects of it and ourselves. The disconnection of ourselves from our emotions and feelings are having a great and negative impact upon our world. Categories of Type II Diabetes for 5 year olds, mass shootings several times a year, an obesity epidemic that is seeing the first generation of children dying before their parents, anxiety, depression, suicides, polarization and increased divide over politics and personal beliefs about how others should be living, marrying or not marrying, laws for this, and laws for that, overmedication and so much more are simply the effects of our personal disconnection. We have to get to the root of our issues if we ever hope to see positive change outside of us...and it ALL starts from within. 


Our beliefs that we are unworthy or unlovable, our abusive home situations from childhood to present, our abandonment issues, our beliefs that we are stupid, all of these imprints are subconsciously manifesting in our current lives through our health, finances, career and relationships. 


Every time we begin to point a finger at someone else or a situation, we need to turn that finger around and ask what is going on inside us that is being triggered. And then we must BE the change we wish to see in the world. Always. No excuses. It is the balance that will bring us back to wholeness, both on a personal microcosmic level, and on a collective macrocosmic level. We need to learn to be both considerate and understanding to others while healing ourselves so that we stop being offended and triggered by anothers words or actions. Let us teach others HOW to step out of their victim mindset, and shift their reality, while simultaneously acknowledging the deeply rooted systems of hate and intolerance that do and have existed for hundreds of years. Let us learn how to use our intellect in conjunction with our intuition, as they were intended. There are two hemispheres of the brain for a reason. We have emotions for a reason. We have a mind for a reason. Let us use the mind as a tool, sitting beside us, rather than in the driver's seat. Let our souls and heart intelligence step into the equation to bring wholeness and balance to ourselves and our world around us. Let us heal within so that we can create the life we want to have, enjoy the types of relationships we want to have, and find our own message to bring to the world. Our greatest fear is not that we will fail. Our greatest fear is that we will die before we have the chance to show our truest selves and share our soul's message with the world. So I encourage you...step forward.


"We must be the change we wish to see in the world" - Ghandi