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Personalized Health & Wellness, Mindful Nutrition

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Saturday, July 29th - Shadow Work Workshop! Beginners and Experienced Welcome! 

What is Shadow Work?

Have you ever noticed recurring themes in your life such as unhealthy relationships, constant weight fluctuations or inability to lose weight? Do you have chronic or poor health? A seeming pattern of having things go really postive for you only to be followed by inevitable blocks or some kind of setback? These are just some of the manifestations for people who are in need of Shadow work.


Do you seek positive loving relationships? Do you want to improve your health? Do you need freedom from stress, anxiety, or depression? Do you want to align with your soul purpose and seek clarity on it? Do you have unhealthy emotions that you know need to be released? Do you want to break through the blocks and create the life you truly want? These are just some of the things that Shadow Work helps to correct. Physical ailments and a less than thriving life are simply manifestations of subconscious issues that are seeking to be healed. 


Learn how to uncover what your subconscious self sabotaging patterns are and how to transform them into positive ones that finally allow you to create and live the life you truly want and much much more. Many people have tried positive affirmations and vision boards only to find they fall very short. That's because you are only dealing with one half of the entire picture. Join us for an empowering and fun day of Shadow Work and find out how you can utilize it to tranform your life. Beginners and experienced shadow workers welcome! Reserve your spot below!

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