Daily Personal Checklist


Authentic transformation begins with continuous daily action steps. Motivational quotes and speeches are not enough, we need to move from motivation into transformation. Change happens only when we take action steps to create it. The brain actually re-wires itself depending on what you are programming it with daily, so the below checklist, while seemingly simple and even cliche depending on your perspective is actually extremely powerful. The difference between wanting change and wanting to do what it takes to actually create it starts here. So ask yourself if you are REALLY ready to begin shifting from within because it's the only way you'll ever see changes without. Be proud of yourself for being willing!


1. This technique I love, and it came from the Daily Om online. It is extremely effective and I use it every day. As soon as you open your eyes in the morning, take a deep breath, close your eyes and on the inhale say out-loud "I am willing to love myself," then on the exhale say "exactly as I am." Words are VERY powerful and the vibration of this statement is extremely potent, and instantly calming to the nervous system as well as all the other physical and non-physical layers of our being. Use as manhy times during the day as you want/feel drawn to.


2. This technique is one of my faves and is from Lisa Nichols, Founder of Motivating the Masses. Pick a color sticky note you like and write down the following prompts on it to tell yourself every morning before you brush your teeth. Look at yourself in the mirror as you say each of these. 1) List 3 things out loud that you forgive yourself for. Can be the same three things every day until you feel you're truly finished with them. 2) List 3 things outloud that you are proud of yourself for. 


3. At the end of the day, after you brush your teeth for the evening ask yourself what person/persons/situation/event/topic triggered you today. I recommend writing this down, but you don't have to. Then ask yourself how it is a mirror for you. Either a direct reflection of you, or mirroring back to you an old wound that needs to be healed/a reminder of someone in your life/a situation in your life that is ready to have your attention and be healed by being seen from a different perspective. Once you identify it, ask your higher self/god/angels/spirit guides to help you see it from a different perspective. Notice the dreams you have that night and/or insights/messages you get over the next few days. The more we are willing to recognize that we are projecting our wounds onto everyone outside of us and/or internalizing it against ourselves, the more we begin to heal and transform our outer life, bringing more peace and happiness as a side effect of doing the work.


My soul honors your soul <3