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Hi my name is Janine Hassell and welcome to Urban Alchemy in El Dorado Hills! I am a Conscious Nutrition Health Coach, Ayurvedic Practitioner and Intuitive and I created Urban Alchemy to help people transform their health after dealing with and reversing my own health issues. I specialize in helping people who want to remove the blocks that are preventing them from their optimum health and life. If you're tired, foggy and lethargic, you can't be operating at 100% right? Of course! And if you're not operating at 100% then you aren't able to show up 100% for yourself, your family and your loved ones! Life was meant to be lived vibrantly, you don't have to settle for less than amazing.


Each person has unique struggles they keep coming up against that are keys to the subconscious blocks and physical adjustments they try to make in their lives through diet and exercise. These blocks result in repeated patterns in their life or setbacks in their journey to better health. That's because the non-physical side of us has to also be addressed, and that involves Shadow Work - identifying our subconscious blocks that keep manifesting in numerous outward challenges like recurring relationship themes, weight fluctuations, anxiety, depression, physical dis-ease, stress and feelings of being disconnected, frustrated or unhappy. For some people they have a palpable feeling of anger and irritation that comes out at the most inopportune times. These subconscious blocks create energetic blockages that are stored deep in our tissues and psyches. Those who practice yoga are probably familiar with how beneficial it is to move these suppressed and repressed wounds, pain, emotions, and negative belief patterns. 


There is no separation between our physical health and our emotional and mental health. So why keep treating them separately? Using food as medicine to help support the physical body, massage/bodywork to support healing of the emotional/mental body, and energy work and intuitive processes to address the subtle energy body system are ALL required to obtain and most importantly maintain, optimum whole health. Prana or Chi, the life force energy is extremely important to supporting the health of us on physical and mental levels and must also be a part of any comprehensive health and wellness plan. And your subconscious patterns and emotions are the key to identifying and bringing all of these areas into balance. It is the catalyst for transformation of health and true wellness.


Wherever you find yourself getting triggered or frustrated, whether you express it or not, is the road map to identifying the underlying blocks that are holding you back in any area of your health and life. Anytime you have ever yo-yo dieted, began a successful health and lifestyle change and then inevitably gone back to old habits, your blocks tell us why. Anytime you experience recurring patterns or themes in your life with work, family or intimate relationships, your blocks tell us why. Anytime you experience health imbalances, from dry skin and hair, weight gain, chronic pain, gallstones, sleep disorders all the way to Non-Alcholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFL), diabetes, and thyroid issues, your blocks and emotions are a compass that points us to why.


Because of my personal experiences with health issues, it is my passion to bring these valuable tools to others so that we can all learn how to better address our health on all levels. I hope you enjoy the site, and don't forget to sign up for my free newsletter and receive a free cheat sheet for easy DIY detoxing. You'll also receive access to recipes, tips, health hacks and premium services reserved only for subscribers.


Live long and vital my friends!

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